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Quality Assurance and Delivery of Care Charter 

Terms and conditions of business for the provision of Personal Carers who will be directly employed by CV Homecare Solutions Ltd (“the Company”).  The terms and conditions on which the company transacts business are set out below.  These terms and conditions are legally binding.  It is important that they are read carefully.  These terms and conditions may only be varied pursuant to a written agreement between the Company and the Client.

The Client is required to register with the company and, as a recipient of a homecare package from the HSE is thereafter deemed to have accepted and agreed to the within terms and conditions.

  • The Client will give 7 days notice in the event of a permanent discontinuance of service or temporary discontinuation such as respite admission. A Client may instruct immediate cessation of homecare visits of service from Homecare Solutions on admission to hospital or otherwise and in such event we will contact HSE to notify them of same.

  • Homecare Solutions recommends key box installation in order to ensure delivery of care service from the care team.

  • The client undertakes to cooperate with all reasonable requests and suggestions made by Homecare Solutions.

  • Treat our personal carers with respect and dignity at all times.  The client undertakes to provide a safe working environment for the carer. Homecare Solutions operates a non-smoking policy as the home is also the carers’ place of work during homecare visits. We advise smoke alarm installation if not already in place prior to commencement of care. Some carers have a fear/allergy of pet animals and this must be respected and all animals should be kept in a separate area during carer visits.

  • Care Supervisors and Care Managers may visit unannounced during carer visits in order to carry out a spot check/review of carers’ work.

  • Homecare Solutions shall not be responsible for the welfare of clients that engage in trips organised outside their home within Homecare Solutions visit times.  This type of activity is at their own risk and Homecare Solutions are not responsible for same. Homecare Solutions will report any such activity to NOK for the safety and wellbeing of the client.

  • Homecare Solutions will endeavour to provide the hours requested, in so far as is reasonably possible.  It is company policy to endeavour to provide substitute cover in times of Carer absenteeism; however it should be noted that this is not a guarantee of cover in these instances.

  • Homecare Solutions operates a policy on extreme weather which stipulates that carers cannot be instructed to travel to clients during periods of extreme weather therefore family will be notified in the event of such cases.

  • The Client agrees to engage with Home Care Solutions in an ongoing review of the care plan and necessary staffing changes made by management. This will ensure that the needs of both the client and carer are being met and that care is not compromised.  It will also highlight and address any existing, potential or required changes to the provision of overall care.

  • In order to maintain a level of service to our clients it is required that Homecare Solutions carers operate within local teams. Carers colleagues may be required to be assigned to their rostered visits in certain circumstances. If it is a client preference to have only one carer this will need to be clarified in writing at the rollout of homecare package in addition to NOK agreeing to cover the care visits as an alternative.

  • The client hereby accepts that Homecare Solutions invests in recruiting, screening, insuring, bonding, training and inducting its carers and hereby undertakes not to retain any company employee directly or indirectly other than under this charter and if in breach Homecare Solutions will notify the HSE.

  • While Homecare Solutions will take all reasonable steps to ensure the suitability of the Personal Carer to a required position, the company does not give any guarantee in relation to the suitability of the personal carer.

  • I hereby authorise Homecare Solutions to release information contained in the client files to health care providers, employees of the company and any other organisation or agency that may assist the client to meet or improve their health needs.

Insurance cover is payable by CV Homecare Solutions Ltd., covering employer's Liability of €13m and Public Liability of €6.5m.


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